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Published by Dorothy McKenzie (c) 2012

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Bare Village


bare village book

Who is MAYFIELD and what did he do?

Has the NOTTLE ever played a trick on you?

How do you get to PIGGY LANE?

Is there a street with a LAMP POST DRAIN?


Why can NANA never settle?

Where did GRANDPA earn his medal?

When could you first play in the PARK?

What happens at BARE HALL after dark?


Is that RUSKIN ROBIN up a tree?

Why has our postmaster got a GOLDEN KEY?

Where in Bare do BIG GUNS fire?

How many buildings have a choir?


'TRAILS & TALES' can let you know

who they are and where to go!

A Dorothy McKenzie publication

Impress your friends and family with your knowledge of our village with this rather splendid book written by Dorothy McKenzie. It includes four trails around Bare Village adding historical notes and comments as you begin to discover what used to happen around Bare years ago.


However, the tales reveal the 'REAL' characters of Bare! Mayfield the mouse and his brother Clarence, the Nottle, Ruskin Robin, Grandpa Bert and Nana Rose and many more. More importantly, the tales explain why golf balls and odd socks go can go missing and that "Eek, eek, squeek!" is enough to order sausages at

Bare Village Butchers...

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All proceeds from this edition of 'Trails & Tales' went to the Bare Village Heritage Fund

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On Saturday the 9th June 2012; the first day of publication, this book sold 117 copies of the initial 300 printed. The first copy sold at auction for £45 later that same day. Those 300 copies sold out in a month! A final reprint was ordered for 200 and NO FURTHER REPRINTS were ordered and on the 28th December the last copy was sold. One of these copies has been held back as a prize for the Mayoral Auction at BareFest 8th June 2013 and is the only copy to be signed by both the authors.

The book documents the history of Bare from the 1086 Domesday Book and sees the changing course of history in our village over hundreds of years. In addition to well researched documents it offers contributions from villagers charting the  times and changes of our community. It's not often that a book like this comes along with great information and knowledge about your own home village.  can only congratulate the authors on the success of their book and in turn thank everyone who bought a copy over the last six months since its publication. Well done!


h.n. crawshaw & d.s.m. mckenzie