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Bank Holiday Sunday the 26th August saw a lonely visitor on Princes Crescent. That's right, it was Simon from the Post Office!  He and a few residents were trying to talk to a visiting duck to ask where it needed to go. Simon chatted for a few minutes to establish its name and it was given a slice of bread free of charge ("We'd normally put it on his bill", said Simon - first duck joke)


It then wandered off for a look in Gerry Farrell's window and tried to withdraw some money from the cash machine. Thankfully for both us and the duck Lisa from RABITAT picked the bemused bird up and drove it to Silverdale where a friend had a pond. Handy. The duck stayed the night for bread and breakfast (not so much a joke as a bad pun) and apparently flew off without even leaving a 'thank you' note. Charming... Next time it'll get a slice of orange on its back if it's not careful.