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White FORD KUGA at 12:50. No badge.

Cash Machine Run. 6th February 2016.

Driver female.

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Blue RANGE ROVER at 08:40. No badge.

Cash Machine Run. 29th February 2016. Driver female.

You're our latest 'CASHPOINT CRIPPLE!'

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White RANGE ROVER at 19:04. No badge.

Child sent by parent for Cash Machine Run.

29th February 2016.

Black BMW at 16:40. No badge.

Cash Machine Run & Shopping. 28th February 2016. Driver male.

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Blue AUDI at 20:24 - Badge? What badge!?

Cash Machine Run. 24th March 2016.

Driver male. Engine left running...

Two disabled parking spaces on the Crescent.

It only takes one rebel without a clue to ruin it for somebody.


"Have a word with yourselves!"

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White VAUXHALL at 14:00. No badge.

Cash Machine Run. 15th April 2016.

Driver male.


There are HUNDREDS a week abusing it but go un-noticed, so...

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Big yellow lorry with 'BAY SCAFFOLDING' written all over it. About 11am 21st May 2016. Convenient space for pie run. Driver scaffolder.

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Black commercial VAUXHALL van at 12:00.

Cash Machine Run. 22nd May 2016.

Driver male. M.O.T. expired 08/02/16

Naughty naughty.