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For more than six weeks during May and

June 2014 , Bare Pharmacy gave up half

of their window space to make

a wonderfully educational

display about WW1 and

its impact locally.

Bare Cheese Dish Flossie's Dad's Tank 2 Bare Bagpipes Alsop Football Players

Local items, pictures and news cuttings from 'The Great War' were generously donated to the display from

many local sources.This gave Dorothy

and the girls at Bare Pharmacy the

momentum to construct the

window display ready

for the run up to

BareFest 2014.

One of the most talked about items

in the display was the list of fifteen

lads from Bare Village who lost

their lives during WW1.


As if this wasn't disturbing enough,

the list included three sets of brothers.

Thanks to Linda Mitchell

for all the research.

Bare Village WW1 Dead Poppy Scatter Appeal

During the period of the display. Bare Pharmacy

sold packets of poppy seeds to raise funds for

 The Royal British Legion & The Commonwealth War  

  Graves Commission. Along with the 'Name

   the Soldier' (which was specially knitted

    by Floss Bell) nearly £600 was

     raised. Thanks to every

      person that


World War One

was an 'equal opportunities'

killer. Gifted men and academics

had the same odds of being killed as

any other that fought. The 'Pals' divisions which

conscripted whole towns and streets of mates were no

match for the enemy guns of the battlefields. Almost every

address in these towns suffered a loss. None of these millions

of dead soldiers knew that 'The Great War' would end around a table.